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Madrid was favourite to host the 2016 Olympic Games until its mayoress Ana Botella made an idiotic speech that lost them.

Delivered in English, it was full of silly rhetoric like «No one celebrates life like Spanish people do» or “Madrid is fun.» 

One phrase, stood out: «There is nothing quite like a nice relaxing cup of café con leche in Plaza Mayor.» 

The following day, social media went crazy and she became the joke of the country.

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Presentación del curso en la BBC

In 2005, Dermot McGrath was interviewed on several TV stations including RTE, TnaG and BBC to speak about his work as a language metodologist. In this excerpt, he explains the intricacies of his multimedia method Linguapuncture for learning Irish which was later introduced into the University of Cork.

First Certificate Cambridge

Both and have been endorsed by the University of Cambridge. They correspond to B2 and B1, respectively, within the officialized Common European Framework of References for Languages. B2 is generally the minimum level of English required to enter a European university. 

Dermot McGrath of Linguapuncture signs the contract agreement with Tom Wogan of the University of Cambridge