The Greek master navigator, Pytheas of Massalia (ca. 323 BCE), orders a voyage to be undertaken to seek out the mythical Fortunate Isles, an earthly paradise. Today we know them as The Canary Islands. It seems a straightforward mission until the machinations of man rear their ugly head. Political intrigue and enmity among fellow-men become the order of the day.

A concise and factual parallel account of the decline and eventual demise of democracy, following the recent death of Alexander the Great, permeates the book. It serves as the backdrop for a romantic melodrama that binds and separates two young lovers.

The following is an extract:

About the author

Dermot McGrath

Im…. ¿? Irish from Cork. He is a language instructor and methodologist. He began his professional career at Berlitz/Inlingua in Madrid in the nineteen-seventies, where he became Director of Studies. He moved to Catalonia at the end of that decade and founded a language school in Tarragona, La Casa Irlandesa, which prompted him to begin writing his own methodology. Later, he founded the academy Celtic House.


Book reviews

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«What a captivating blend of history and romance! The excerpt from ‘Piraeus, March 17, 322 BCE’ paints a vivid picture of intrigue and longing. I’m hooked and eager to delve deeper into this enticing tale.»

Emily Fitzgerald

«This excerpt is a tantalizing glimpse into a world of political turmoil and passionate love. The author skillfully weaves
ogether elements of adventure and emotion, leaving me eager to discover more in ‘The Canary Islands’.»

Olivia Thornton

«The author’s ability to evoke both the historical setting and the characters’ inner conflicts is truly impressive. From the subtle interactions between the lovers to the looming political tensions, every detail in this excerpt draws me further into the story.»

Benjamin Kingsley

«I’m already captivated by the richly drawn characters and the intricate plot hinted at in this excerpt. The link to read the first three pages is like a doorway to another world, and I can’t wait to step through and immerse myself in the rest of the story.»

Liam O’Connor