My Unique Methodology

Linguapuncture is an interactive system which revises and consolidates English-learning, based on the following concept:

His leitmotif is:


Your goal will be to reach Error Zero consistently.

Passive mode  

1. Check pupil’s knowledge 

2. Identify her/his mistakes

3. Revise/Correct errors on paper

4. Student assimilates/consolidates corrections

5. Online teacher establishes pupil’s level is good...

- in order to continue in Active mode

Active mode 

1.  Do exercise of 25 questions

2.  Select time for response

3.  If you don’t get 25/25, repeat the exercise

4.  You must answer all questions correctly

5.  If not, repeat the exercise until you do

6.  Only then, select a shorter time response

7.  When all answers are correct, continue reducing time

8.  Reach time response of 5 seconds. Repeat exercise.

9.  If you get 25 questions out of 25…


11.  Continue practising to achieve complete fluency

The ideal situation would be to do 3 sets out of 3 inside 5 seconds without making a mistake. This then means that you are at a native level in the grammar department.

There are words that have a natural tendency to go together. It is better to learn interested in from the beginning rather than just interested and later have to learn that interested goes with in. The same can be said of instead of.

IDENTIFY key GRAMMAR STRUCTURES that frequently happen, such as adjective + infinitive with to (for example, hard to see, impossible to do) or particles + -ing (for example, he’s slow at learning, fruit is for eating).

AQUIRE MENTAL AGILITY by thinking in reverse. If you see because, you know that WHY was the question word. Or if you see 25 kilos, HOW MUCH was the question word and if, the answer is tomorrow, the question will have been WHEN.

Likewise, doing exercises in reverse order will help accelerate the learning process and aid in fluency. You will practise personal pronouns and possessive adjective in order to convert phrases such as I saw you into You saw me or She left us into We left her, etc.

Once the bases have been consolidated and the theory assimilated, it’s time to practise with a continually repeated barrage of questions and answers until the student reaches the Zero Mistakes level consistently.

Unlike the vast majority of methods, Linguapuncture is not, in the first place, a method for teaching languages. It is rather a way of reducing and eliminating mistakes that accumulate as the negative side effect of learning. However, it is clear that this forms an integral part of the learning process.

Comments that people have made about his Methodology

I work as a receptionist in a hotel in the centre of Seville. We have many clients who speak English and I need to improve my English so that we can better serve them. I had done several English courses in academies but none of the really worked for me. Then a friend told me about an Internet course. Well, LP Method is something else. It’s amazing, really, the progress I’ve made in just 6 months. And the best part is that I can do everything online at my own pace from home! It’s great!

Eva Ramirez, Spain

I read an article about LP Method and signed up immediately. I found it very different from other programmes with a different methodology and more fun. It really is more a game and the only problem I have is that sometimes I do not want to get started because I get hooked and I want to go on and on. Really, it’s a method that has everything. Ava Maria is a great teacher and a charming person.

Alejandro Sanz, Spain

The best thing about LP Method for me is having to get to zero mistakes in the exercises. At first it seemed like an impossible task to get 25 answers out of 25 three exercises in a row so I could go to the next level. I didn’t see myself as being capable of that. And yet now I have done it several times. That makes me tremendously confident because when I speak, my brain is already trained to say the right word combinations and in the right place within the sentence. This method is very well thought out.

Yamile Triana, Colombia

Zero Mistakes

It doesn’t help to speak English if what you say is full of grammatical mistakes. If, on top of that, one has poor pronunciation, all the effort one has put into learning English won’t help. Our main goal is the achievement of Zero Mistakes. We want to programme your brain so that it matches all the questions that are asked of you in the game. There are a variety of interactive exercise to keep you motivated and make learning English more a fun activity that a simple learning task.

It has been proved that if you repeat the same sentence many times, even if you say it wrong at first, you end up saying it correctly based on repetition. LP Method subjects the learner to a constant bombardment of short questions in the form of a game. Your results improve with each new session. The idea is repetition. Repeat, repeat and repeat ad infinitum. Unless you live in an English-speaking country, it’s the only way to get to the point where you no longer make mistakes. Only then can you say that you have finally broken through the thought barrier.